Sankara Resort, Ubud

A hidden urban oasis in Ubud is not hard to find, but only those in the know will know that the pick of the bunch is Sankara Resort.

Sankara is an easy walk to the busy Ubud centre, but set back in a quiet neighbourhood to feel like you can totally unwind when you get home.

Top: Zaful • Shorts: Vintage

Step into the home of another Pramana Experience family, as staff shower you with warmth, relieve you of your bags, hydrate you with freshly squeezed juice and settle you into your room.

Dress: Ripcurl

One thing I always check is the comfort of the bed (second is the length of the bath, followed by the room service menu). Sankara, you well and truely ticked the box. But why am I not surprised. You have to experience it to see what I mean.

The hotel is great for travellers who love trying their hand at new activities and the staff share local knowledge and skills in a daily afternoon class. We gave woodcarving a go. While the instructor suggested David should come and work for them, I don’t think anyone was as impressed with my skills, but kindy showered me with encouragement as my cute little lizard looked like what my baby cousin would have made in primary school.

You can also learn the art of Balinese dance (now this is my turn to shine), cooking using special Balinese spices and how to make the traditional offering basket.

I also set my alarm for morning yoga which was similar to Power Vinyasa style, lots of breathing and some tough stretches, perfect to set you up for a day of running round after monkeys at the monkey forest.

Our room featured a gorgeous private pool on the balcony, which was shrouded with lush greenery to ensure privacy.

My boyfriend and I joked that we could dance around like kids and not disturb anyone, which is the great luxury of having your own pool!

For breakfast we enjoyed fresh watermelon juice and pancakes by the pool. This is the beauty of being on holiday in the tropics, fresh fruit is abundant and so delicious.

Top: Zaful • Shorts: Vintage

If you’ve had enough of chlorine, there is a gorgeous outdoor stone waterfall shower in the room, which I certainly made some good use out of.

Swimwear: Tigerlily

The dining area is lovely in the open air and the manager Leon will make sure you feel right at home. We really enjoyed chatting to him about his experience working on cruises and travelling to many different countries around the world. He also shared with us the history of Ubud and how he’s experienced a change over the years due to popularity among tourists.

Another super cute feature Sankara have is a book loan out system – similar to what you commonly find in hostels.

Every part of the hotel is aesthetically curated to perfection, from the walkways to the rice fields, the staff and the ornamentation. It truely feels like living in your own paradise.

When it was time to move on, one of the lovely staff members made me the most beautiful rose out of a paper napkin and told David to gift it to me. I kept it the entire trip because it meant so much to me that someone would go out of their way to make my day.  That is the kind of gesture that sets Sankara apart from other resorts.

Dress: Homemade vintage

If you have any questions about Sankara or any of the other Pramana Experience resorts, flick me a message in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you. Thanks again to Mr Wayan Wardika for having us visit your lovely villas.

Photography by my lovely boyfriend David Evans & myself.


Liv x



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