Known for:
Surf Beaches (Bondi, Bronte, Tamarama)
The Rocks historic village
The Sydney Opera House
Great food, galleries and museums

Hello lovely traveling friends!

I haven’t posted in a while because I just started a new job in radio…

Gotta love a sneaky work selfie // Snapchat: olivia.round
Gotta love a sneaky work selfie // Snapchat: olivia.round

It’s great – I get to write, work with super rad people and meet interesting musicians. Plus listen to Steely Dan and Beach Boys all day. Life is good.

So when the team at InterContinental Sydney invited me to stay, I thought,

What better way to celebrate than to hop on a plane and spend a week rediscovering the big city?

Sydney here I come!
Sydney here I come!

As a kid, mum & I would visit Sydney to spend Christmas with our 2nd family, The Matthews. I have many fond memories of our adventures – giggling at selfie-taking tourists (nb. don’t try to fit the Opera House in ya pic, it will fail 9 times out of 10), buying 1 chocolate strawberry each from DJs (excitement level: 1,423,000) and battling the surf like true kiwis at Tamarama Beach.

I remember once sharing a pizza at The Rocks and the Italian staff thought I was an actress from Home & Away, so stuck a photograph of me on their restaurant wall!

And here is the actual photo
This is the actual photo.

We never spent a lot of money on holiday, just delighted in the small pleasures the city had to offer.

On recent return, I made a video of my speedy trip and noted a few travel tips… So read on…

Oh and this was me before I gave my mop the chop.

✈ Where to stay

The Intercontinental Hotel

21 & 50
Oh look - matching photos!
16 & 45

I love staying at IHG hotels when I travel because no hotel is the same, despite being a chain. The downtown Sydney property is absolutely stunning. A historic building, adorned with timeless pieces and a vibrant collection of local art. Staff go above and beyond service requirements and will make the effort to remember you. Thank you so much for your kind, warm hospitality.


Breathtaking harbour views
At the IC Club
The gorgeous pool
The gorgeous pool
Snapchattin’ the friends
Just in case you didn’t know I was going for a swim. Lol.

The Holiday Inn, Old Sydney


A new place I discovered in Sydney was another IHG hotel called The Holiday Inn. This hotel is a little more on the cheaper end of the spectrum, but has the most INCREDIBLE 360 view and rooftop pool. In fact I might even rate it the best view in Sydney. Take a look at my youtube video to see what I’m on about…


✈ What to do

1. Visit the Chinese Friendship Garden

2. Take the train to Bondi Beach

Mum and I at Bondi Icebergs Pool in matching Yankees caps. Dorks.

3. Look at the local art

Visit the Sydney Art Gallery down at The Rocks, they have some fantastic exhibitions running.

4. Get lost in Paddington

Make sure to visit the gorgeous Balinese clothing store, Magali Pascal. And rummage through the thrift stores, you can pick up some epic $2 bargains.

5. Visit the museum

Right on the doorstep of the InterContinental - learn about Australian history.
I reckon it’s important to visit the museum in every place you travel to. That way you set yourself up with a better understanding of their culture and history.

6. Take a trip to Chinatown

I also highly recommend hitting the karaoke bar for a spontaneous sing – I performed a Ben E. King classic, Stand By Me. Also figured out that it’s a song best left to the lower vocal register. But hey, it was fun!

7. Crash an event

Anyone who knows me would know that I always find myself in places I shouldn’t be. Yes, I did sneak into a function in this building… and help myself to a goodie bag… and pose for a photo… was it fun? Yes. Am I sorry? Naaah mate.

8. Explore the concrete jungle at night, by foot

This photo makes me nostalgic for New York!
Aussies go all out with their light displays which I LOVE.

9. Look up


10. Take a stroll under the harbour bridge and visit the Sydney Opera House


Aaaand another one of 16 year old me
Aaaand another one of 16 year old me.

✈ Where to eat


Coffee, service and food 100% on point. Loved chatting to the super cool chefs too. A happy kitchen means yummy food.
Snazzy little courtyard, it’s got a real Camden/Shoreditch vibe.
Our thoughts… Hurry up and take the photo my coffee’s going cold.



Gelato Messina


David Jones Foodhall

Hands down best salad + choc strawberries of my life. Don’t have a pic, ate too fast.


If Star Wars had a restaurant, this would be it.


Intercontinental Club


This lovely lady and her team were as sweet as all that fruit juice!
Black coffee like a true Wellingtonian. I’m my father’s daughter.
Oh look! Me with my coffee. I’m smiling because it tasted fab. And because my mum told me to.
View from the club
This view though… Office goals.
Pre-cocktail hour…
This is so cute omg mum stop.
Loving this futuristic decor.

✈ What to wear

Sydney, like Auckland, can be a little unpredictable when it comes to the weather. Thankfully, I have learnt how to pack to a bare minimum that suits any weather. Thin, light layers are everything around Sept-Oct. Also take a light trench coat or parker in case the weather turns. Wear sturdy, comfortable shoes that you can walk in. Leave heels at home.
Dress: J Crew • Boots: Thrift store • Necklace: Australian market

If you feel the cold like I do, wool-blend dresses are always a good option.

Dress: Thrifted Topshop • Sunglasses: Quay Australia • Boots: Thrift store
Top: Glassons • Jeans: Madewell • Sandals: Birkenstock • Cardi: Mum’s • Bag: Free from hospice shop • Sunglasses: Anthropology

Traveller’s tip: Forget the huge handbag. It will get annoying and is unnecessary. Instead opt for a small evening bag which can fit your essentials (such as your passport, room key and bank cards).

Skirt: Topshop • Bag: Free from hospice shop • Merino knit: Farmers • Lipstick: Russian Red, M.A.C

Here are some silly snaps

Mirror selfies are always the best selfies.


In a while crocadileeee!

So that’s all from me – let me know if you have any questions or comments. I love to hear from my readers!

Have a lovely week,





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