The Kayon Resort, Ubud

Do you ever sit at your desk finding yourself absorbed in the pages of Wanderlust once again kicking in, and luxurious resorts start to look a tad more enticing than that pile of reports… I know I do, and The Kayon Resort is probably one of my best finds yet!

Photo by Michelle Lu

The Kayon Resort is the place to go for ultimate rest & relaxation. I was warmly welcomed by the lovely staff – each treated me like royalty with the calm and friendly Balinese manner. Located in the heart of Bali (10 mins from Ubud center), the boutique property is like a tranquil kingdom from a bygone era – a hidden gem in the center of a rainforest, which reminded me a lot of New Zealand. The name “Kayon” means tree of life creations and secret that grows from earth towards heaven. As Ubud is traditionally identified as the centre for art and culture, The Kayon Resort has been beautifully landscaped and architecturally designed using local materials, paintings and carvings which gives the resort a unique and spiritual charm like no other hotel I’ve stayed in.

If you’re into yoga and holistic health, The Kayon would be the perfect spa retreat to go unplugged and spend your days soaking up the sunshine by the infinity pool, or learning the ancient craft of yoga which runs every morning at the hotel.

Daily morning yoga

Make sure you try out their range of cocktails and drinks on offer, which you can also order to your room. The famous welcome drink “The Petanu Cooler” is a must try. A refreshing blend of mint, ginger, lime and honey – was probably the best drink I had ever tasted. It is also named after the historical river which surrounds the resort.

Petanu Cooler – Mint, Lime, Ginger & Honey… delish!

If you’re a bit of a foodie like me, you will be spoilt for choice. During my stay I tried the Thai Beef Salad, which was absolutely delicious – the meat was cooked to perfection, and the subtle flavours complemented each other beautifully.

Thai beef salad with vermicelli noodles

The traditional Gado Gado was another hit – great when you feel like a light lunch and something healthy.

Vegetarian Gado Gado with tempeh, tofu and peanut sauce

As a kiwi, most of you would identify with the need for coffee at some point in the day, and let me tell you, it is just like home, which is a big kudos to the incredible baristas.

Double shot iced latte by the pool

And the bircher muesli is just as good, if not better than anything you’d find on Ponsonby Road!

Bircher muesli with fresh apple, strawberries and drizzled with honey

The boutique hotel contains six valley deluxe rooms with jungle views, twelve Kayon river suites with views down to river and five river edge private pool villas with thatched roofs, each with a beautiful infinity pool overlooking the river and waterfall. The waterfall sound is so relaxing to listen to at night as opposed to the raging parties of Kuta!

The rooms are 5 star, immaculately clean, spacious and private. An interior designer’s dream…


@oliviaroundtown: Resting tired feet after trekking up Mount Batur!
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
@oliviaroundtown: Just when I thought Bali couldn’t get any better, we checked into The Kayon Resort in Ubud. One of the most relaxing, zen resorts with the most hospitable, friendly staff. The decor was absolutely stunning, the property is surrounded by a luscious forest and the sound of water is all you can hear, so perfect to relax and unwind. Thank you @wayanwardika for being so accommodating, I had the best stay. 10/10 recommend to all travelers

Upon departure, I was gifted a Hindu bracelet called a Tri Datu which was tied on my right wrist by one of the lovely staff members, Pinky. Pinky explained that it is symbolic of calming the mind so that it won’t be influenced by negative thoughts and that I will continue my travels in peace. I also learnt the bracelet is attached with prayers to endow the recipient with power, strength and longevity. This was very meaningful to me because personal religion and beliefs aside, it is such a special moment when someone includes you in their culture, and it made me feel blessed. It also sparked conversation when traveling through Bali and Indonesia as taking the time to learn the language and elements of the culture builds a stronger connection with the locals as it shows you have made an effort to learn something new.

The Kayon encapsulates what Bali is all about. Finding the calm in the storm, the beauty in the chaos and taking the time to appreciate the beauty in the world and in others around us. It also reinforced the importance of being present in the moment – disconnected from technology and distractions. I look forward to visiting again soon and want to thank Mr Wayan Wardika and his lovely staff for their hospitality and generosity of spirit. Suksma!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below.
Olivia xx

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Photographs © Olivia Round Photography 2015


15 thoughts on “The Kayon Resort, Ubud

    • oliviaroundtown

      You should go there sometime! I wish I could have stayed longer so will have to go back one day. If you want any recommendations of where to check out or places to eat in Ubud/Bali/Gili – let me know 🙂

      • Moritz

        I always wish that the holidays would be longer. I’ll definitely come back to you as soon as I’ll have the chance to visit the Ubud/Bali region. Maybe already in Summer 🙂

  1. Jody Hohaia

    Thanks for your post. My husband and I are travelling to Bali next year in April are thinking about staying at The Kayon Resort. Would you suggest getting a Delux room or river suite?

    • oliviaroundtown

      Hi Jody, thanks for getting in touch.
      That’s such a great decision to choose The Kayon, you will love it.

      I stayed in the River Edge Pool Villa which was stunning and had a private pool, but what I enjoyed most about it was listening to the tranquil sound of the waterfall, it was very restful. So my guess would be the River Suite would be a good option for that reason, however once you get there you’ll see that the whole place is absolutely magnificent – so anywhere would be great!

      Let me know if you have any more questions and I’d be happy to help.
      Liv x

  2. Sydney Yates

    Woah, this place is seriously beautiful. I think I will have to stay there when I visit next month. Thanks for the post, it helped me know for sure! x

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