Caught my eye

I often take a trip up to Matakana Farmers Market which is only about an hours drive up the line from Auckland. The produce is cheaper, fresher and it’s so nice to chat to people who are so passionate about the food they sell. The other day I met Anne, a lovely lady who sells the most delicious smoked salmon I have ever tasted. As opposed to supermarket salmon, her’s contains no nasty additives, and the salmon are not farm fed. There were three different tasters available ā€“ seasoned Nigella Lawson style, plain or sweetened with brown sugar. Once we got chatting, I learnt they also had some special gravlax in stock which I got to try too ā€“ which in my opinion is the creme-de-la-creme of salmon. If by the end of this post you are craving salmon, check out their facebook page to order online, or head on down to the markets for a fun day out! Would be perfect for appetizers at your next dinner party or school lunches…

matakana1 matakana2 recipes _MG_6417


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