Learning the art of wedding photography

Hello friends!

Isn’t this warmer weather gorgeous (for those of you located in the southern hemisphere) – I must say it is rather warmly welcomed (see what I did there) by us flatting students who get through winter with no heater and instead opt for skiing outfits and hot water bottles. Anyway, I have been initiated into a lovely group of Auckland based wedding photographers – by my tolerance of vast volumes of coffee, love of food, laughter, great conversation about common interests and for being the token “Ponsonby kid” (without fulfilling the stigma IMO… hah hah)

Amber and Isaac De Reus of NZ’s #1 Wedding Photography company Perspectives Photo + Cinema (in competition with my other friend Zahn of Auckland Weddings) have taken me under their wing and recently I was their assistant for the day out at the beautiful Muriwai Beach where they taught me some of their favourite techniques and cool ideas. What I loved most was shooting throughout the day and being able to capture the incredible changes in light to create completely different looks without editing – some wistful and magical, others moody and dramatic.

I have also interviewed them for a studio piece surrounding their concept of Epic Storytelling – which involves day long shoots capturing every “epic” moment throughout the day. Definitely take a look at their website and you’ll see what I mean. Thanks Amber and Isaac, you guys are awesome and I’m glad to call you my friends!

Here are some of my photographs…

With love,

Liv x

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