Spring Cashmere | Featuring Tilly & Tully Jewellery

Last week my friends and I decided to take a spontaneous adventure out to Muriwai beach. In Auckland we are really lucky with our beaches – 10 minutes to a great beach, 20 to an even better beach and 40 mins and you’ll find something so spectacular you won’t be leaving until dusk or even dawn! I feel so blessed to live in such a magical part of the world.

Recently I received a little parcel in the mail from the lovely girls at Tilly & Tully. There were two super cute silver rings and a sterling silver heart bracelet. I instantly fell in looove with them as anyone who knows me would agree I don’t go OTT on the jewellery front, however I am a bit of a hippy when it comes to layering rings and delicate bracelets. They’re so perfect for everyday wear and you can mix and match your combinations. I love how feminine and simplistic they are too ♡ 

Photo cred goes to my talented friend Sharisse Scanlan & her rad assistant Shane Froud. You guys are awesome! Here is the outfit I put together, notice how the lighting gradually got darker the longer we spent at the beach… (Stockist details at end of post)

untitled (2 of 7) untitled (3 of 7) untitled (4 of 7) untitled (5 of 7) untitled (6 of 7)untitled (1 of 7)
© Sharisse Scanlan Photography

There’s nothing better than escaping the city for an afternoon to go for a run on the beach and dance in the waves with friends!


Jewellery, www.tillyandtully.com ✿ Love Heart Bracelet ✿ Anchor Ring ✿ Ball Ring
Cashmere jersey, www.paulandjoe.com
Jeans and gold bracelet, www.madewell.com
Necklaces, Zirconia pendant was a gift from our lovely friend Marg Victor and the daisy necklace is KW
Shoes, thrifted

So make sure you go and check out Tilly & Tully – they have a beautiful new collection available online. You can also follow them on instagram @ www.instagram.com/tillyandtullyjewellery
Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below, or click follow – I love all your feedback and people from around the world stopping by to introduce themselves or say hello!

Ciao for now lovelies,
Liv x

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