Friday Fettuccini

Cold wintery nights mean major pasta cravings.

I decided to take the challenge to make an all time favourite of mine (Creamy Chicken Fettuccini) and give it a healthier twist. Before you think

“how utterly boring”

and run for the hills, I can assure you – it’s

utterly irresistible

All I’ve done differently is added some greens which are packed full of nutrients, fiber, slows energy burning properties, iron, vitamin C, folate, vitamin A, increase in collagen production etc. etc. I’ve also found the portion size doesn’t need to be as big and there is a perfect balance of carbs, protein, and essential vitamins and minerals. Oh and did I mention it’s also gloriously creamy? What have you got to lose?

Here’s what you’ll need:

❄ Fettuccini pasta
❄ Free-range chicken thighs
❄ White wine
❄ Full fat cream
❄ Spinach
❄ Broccoli (or broccolini for it's aesthetic beauty)
❄ Baby mushrooms
❄ Garlic 
❄ Knob of butter
❄ Parsley
❄ Parmesan
❄ Flour (plain, cornflour or buckwheat)

Handy hint #1: If you purchase pre-rolled pasta like I did as guesswork means some days I end up with a portion for a 5-year-old, while others I have enough to feed China, New Zealand and all in between – it makes life much easier. 1 roll is generally enough for one person, if you’re super hungry then 2. So just count how many people you need to feed and you’re good to go!

Handy hint #2: Go crazy with the vegetables, but remember to keep contrasting flavours minimal. The strong flavours of cheese and mushroom are already powerful, so greens are always a safe and healthy option. You could include green beans, capsicum, asparagus, peas etc. 

Handy hint #3: When buying cream, always go for full fat, even if you’re on a diet, because lite cream is just the watered down version. (You can water it down yourself at home and double the amount if you wish!)

The sauce: Start of with a basic roux. [If you are familiar with this process, skip ahead 😉 )

First slice a knob of butter and half a Tbsp of flour (you can use plain, cornflour or buckwheat) and stir into a paste on a low heat. Next add milk little by little – squashing any lumps on the sides. It will take a while before it thickens so be patient, and don’t leave it unattended or it will go blegh! Once you have a nice creamy sauce, pour in as much or little as you like of ordinary cream. Finally add a dash of white wine and chopped mushrooms.

The protein: Set your pasta sauce to the side and toss some chopped chicken and garlic into a hot pan with a dash of olive oil, salt & pepper. Once chicken has browned, pour in the remaining white wine into the pan (step back as it will steam and foam) and reduce to a simmer with a lid to seal in all the flavour.

The vitamins: Next you want to steam the greens over either the sauce, or pasta – depends on which needs longer cooking

Finishing touches: Now it’s plating time! You don’t need a mountainous pile of pasta as you’ll find the combination is very filling… After the pasta, layer your freshly steamed greens, then top with piping hot chicken and mushroom sauce. Garnish with lots of parsley & grated parmesanBon Apetit!

If you have any questions, amendments or dietary requests feel free to leave a comment below. Also make sure to follow me on Bloglovin because soon I’ll be posting some yummy vegan baking recipes and an exclusive interview with head chef and owner, Kevin Morris, of Pizzeria Dantes Napoletana in Ponsonby central. Exciting stuff!

Lots of love and have a great weekend,

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4 thoughts on “Friday Fettuccini

  1. Maggie Gould

    Good looks divine I would always cook three pasta rolls each Olivia s food is so yummy always go back for more

    Maggie Gould

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