Parachute // Artist profile: Moorhouse

Some say they are the One Direction of New Zealand with their pitch perfect harmonies, fun songs, beautifully synchronised outfits and ability to make the girls swoon… but Moorhouse are so much (cue the terrible pun) more than a typical boyband. Watching them live on stage made me realise how talented these boys really are. Not only do they have slick choreography and sound great, but they were full of life, awesome with their fans and most importantly, humble.

Here are some shots I took of their live show at Parachute Music Festival this past weekend… [be prepared for a visual content overload] Enjoy!

The infamous stage selfie

I still have plenty more photographs from Parachute to sort through, but have been hectic working and moving house (finally!), so watch this space for more.

Liv xoxo

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4 thoughts on “Parachute // Artist profile: Moorhouse

  1. Sharisse Scanlan

    Beautiful photos Liv! I agree, it was awesome to see Moorhouse live compared to when they were on tv – I suddenly realised how good they are when we saw them at Parachute! ❤

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