Silly Season Strawberries

Hello my lovelies!

A very Merry Christmas to each and every one of you – thanks so much for all the wonderful feedback and dedicated readership you have given me this year, you guys are awesome. This year I am spending Christmas at my aunty Liz & uncle Mark’s house in Wellington and luckily they are foodies, because I have been trailing out my favourite new dessert/snack on them! Since it is summer here in New Zealand, we tend to eat light Christmas meals rather than a full on roast, and also love our fruit and berries. Chocolate dipped strawberries are fun, quick and easy to make – and they are guaranteed to be a hit at parties. Here are a few simple steps and tips so you can make your own at home and become everyone’s new best friend…

Select the fruit you would like to coat and chocolate (New Zealand made Whittaker’s is delicious and melts nicely)

My favourite combination is dark chocolate with dried apricots, and milk chocolate with strawberries – but anything goes!

HANDY HINT: Put fruit in the freezer for 20mins – 1hr for quicker setting if your on a time limit.

Fill a pot with a little bit of water and place a microwave safe jug inside for chocolate melting. Add small squares of chocolate and melt slowly on a low heat. While the chocolate is melting prepare a non stick tray ready to place the fruit.

HANDY HINT: If your gladwrap slips and slides, add a dash of water to the tray to get the wrap to stick

Next dip the fruit in the chocolate and rotate until it is completely coated. Repeat if neccissary.

Place in fridge for as long as desired or until chocolate hardens, and enjoy!

Have a lovely silly season and New Year,

Olivia xx

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