Fast-food…. That’s healthy?

Latest food find in Auckland: Food Truck Garage

One day I discovered a hidden gem which I should have found a long time ago. Being a dedicated viewer of Michael Van de Elzen’s cooking show where he travels round New Zealand in a food truck (hence the name!) selling cheap, healthy “fast” food – I don’t know why I hadn’t been to his restaurant sooner.

The decor is unpretentious, functional and literally looks like a nicely decorated garage. Staff are prompt and friendly, and food is served hot and fast.
Plus, there is free sparkling water which is definitely an added bonus!

I cannot stress how amazing the food is. It ticks all the boxes.


Good portion size



A lot of gluten and dairy free options

Freshly cooked


I recently ordered the Redergize wrap with teriyaki Akaroa salmon and it was delicious! They are also known for their burgers, home-made vegetable chips and hot-dogs. I am still yet to try a frozen yoghurt, but will wait until next time…

Here are some photographs of the place & the outfit I wore to lunch:

Wearing: Vintage Dress, Gorman clog sandals, $5 K-mart bag, vintage belt, Anthropologie sunnies

I also met the mastermind behind this amazing place, Michael Van de Elzen

So if you want to check out the Food Truck Garage (which I would highly recommend) you can go to their website at and post a comment below with how you found it! Enjoyyyyy xoxo


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