Birks & Tevas are cool

Love ’em or loathe ’em, Birkenstocks + Tevas are back.

As soon as I saw Alexa Chung donning a pair of black Arizonas, I thought “footwear out of Vogue that doesn’t kill my feet? Now that’s a fashion trend I want to follow!”

With Alexa’s seal of approval, I purchased my first pair of Birkenstocks from our one and only store about 6 years ago and have been wearing them ever since. Friends teased me for wearing my orthopedic, Jesus sandals (not meant in a derogatory way, I think Jesus would be very comfortable in a pair) but look what was in Vogue the following year?

I then progressed to Tevas and alternate between the two. Anna Wintour would turn her nose up at me, but if I can hike up a mountain or walk for 12 hours straight, I’m a happy traveller (literally).

Here are a few looks to hopefully inspire you, or convince you they’re no longer the ugliest shoes on the planet. And hey, if they can be rocked by Kate Moss, Mary-Kate Olsen & Paul McCartney, they’re obviously a hip trend. Or hippie trend. You decide.

Top: Glassons | Jeans: Maurie & Eve | Bag: River Island | Jewellery: Karen Walker

Top: Mum’s wardrobe | Shorts: Style Stalker

Dress: Tigerlily | Leather Jacket: Madewell

One-piece swimsuit: One Teaspoon | Shorts: Vintage | Bag: La Madu


Photography credit to my beautiful mamma who shot these straight after her own photoshoot, thanks mum! Check out her vocalist page on Facebook – Maggie Gould


Olivia x


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