How to eat leaves and enjoy them too

I used to think salad was something Gwyneth Paltrow ate. Or the only safe dish to serve your vegan friends. Or in my mothers words “rabbit food”.

Salad is not something I would order at a restaurant. To me, it is a childhood memory of the “junior chef in training” stage before I upgraded to chopping onions. How can you go wrong? Toss some leaves in a bowl with some tomatoes and dressing, and walah! Dinner is served! Why would I want to pay $15 for something my 15-year-old sister could make me?

My hostility towards salad has now ended. Tonight I made the best salad ever and want to tell the world about it. It wasn’t boring or tasteless, and I didn’t feel the urge to binge on chocolate afterwards (success)..

This salad was vibrant, colourful, filling, and absolutely delicious!

Here is the recipe so you can make your own and grow to love salad like I have.


• Quinoa & Rice mix

• Roast veges (Potato, Kumara, Pumpkin – throw some garlic in for extra flavour)

• Rocket or Mesculin

• Avocado

• Cherry tomatoes

• Capsicum

• Chicken (if you want extra protein)

• Sweet chilli sauce

• Paul Newman balsamic vinegar

Roast veges – don’t be afraid to use quite a bit of olive oil and salt to make them tasty!

Soak quinoa for 20 mins in cold water while vegetables are cooking, drain, and put in cold water. Cook until it tastes normal..

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and add sweet chilli and balsamic. Stir & enjoy!

I ate the whole bowl. #notashamed

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments below 🙂


Olivia xoxo
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