Chanel for $18 instead of $1800

Get creative with easy to make designer tees! Follow these simple instructions:

You will need

– An A4 print out of your design

– Fabric paint

– Safety pins

– A plain white t shirt

– Small paint brushes, pen


IMG_8366Turn the shirt inside out, and begin pinning your design face down – make sure it is as straight as possible! (Please excuse the fact that I completely forgot to iron mine… let alone actually own an iron 😉 )





IMG_8367Turn the shirt back the right way and begin drawing the outline with a biro pen.

Be very careful not to go outside the painted area – especially if you’re using a bright blue pen!

Tip: use a window to see better 🙂




Then paint the design!

(Pretty self explanatory)






Leave to dry, and you’ll end up with something a little like this!

Please send me the link to your final products, would love to see how they look 🙂

Olivia x x
Instagram oliviaround Twitter OliviaRound


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