The Supper Club


If there’s one thing you need when traveling, it’s food. In NY especially, you can’t afford to go wrong either.

After trawling the streets of Brooklyn, I started to wonder why every second person (male & female) was anorexic. Was I just some fatty in this alien world? How can a person be surrounded by the most amazing, cheap cuisine, and still resort to one apple a day and a road-to-death smoking habit..

I decided then and there that if I was going to get fat in NY, I would simply buy a bigger dress size!

I discovered a local Soho beauty, Cafe Gitane – the place had “chic” written all over it. I must say, the waffles were

simply devine, darling!

In saying this, we didn’t dine out every day, the soup at Dean & Deluca became a pretty safe and tasty option without costing the earth. Actually anything in that deli would have been good!

Another place that became a bit of a regular (admittedly) was, Egg Restaurant in Williamsburg – mainly because the front of house was secretly Prince William. Here is a pic of the man himself:

"Prince William" & I
“Prince William” & I

One last recommendation is Al Di La in Park Slope. The suburb is full of film directors, successful creatives and also the stomping ground of Paul Dano & Zoe Kazan, you can guarantee they only have the best!

Ps. Check into Georgetown Cupcakes or PAUL for a macaron, their sweet treats aren’t for the faint hearted!

So there you have it – dining for royalty, on the budget of a traveler!

Please add any recommendations of places you thought were AMAZE in the comments belooow…

Olivia xoxo


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