New York City Girl

This photo was taken on my iPhone on the top of the rock – of the prettiest and most exciting city in the world.

Coming from New Zealand, New York has always been my dream city to go to. After spending a month there, I took hold of every opportunity – learnt from the tutors of Alexa & Giulianna, snuck into paparazzi swarms, entered fashion week alongside my favourite bloggers, and even got mistaken for my style icon, Olivia Palermo.

“If you tire of New York, you tire of life”

I’m so excited to share my stories, style notes and photo gallery, so please follow my blog to hear more..

Olivia xoxo



11 thoughts on “New York City Girl

      • smackedpentax

        Good luck with the blog…I think the trick is to follow a lot of people, they will then in turn follow you. If no one knows you are there you won’t get any readers, not matter how good your blog is. So, I will follow you Olivia…although I love the country I also am interested in the city (I work in one)…especially the big city!

    • oliviaroundtown

      Hi Sarah! Lovely to hear from you 🙂 Isn’t Superiority Burger rad? NYC’s best kept secret in my opinion. I think I’ll have to compile a new NYC feature seen as though it’s like my second home now! Any tips you think I should add? x Olivia

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